Neurosurgery Consultation Referral Guidelines

Interactive Web-Based Version (Version 2.0, December 2018)

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  • The clinical and imaging criteria and associated algorithms are intended as guidelines only. Please rely on your clinical judgement for each individual patient encounter.

  • The guidelines and algorithms are dependent on CT and/or MRI imaging availability and interpretation. If imaging is not readily available for a critically-ill patient, contact CritiCall Ontario immediately: 1-800-668-4357.

  • The guidelines and algorithms are only for the most common neurosurgical and spinal emergency conditions and do not include abnormal systemic issues (such as thrombocytopenia or abnormal blood coagulation). For patients who have uncommon systemic issues, contact CritiCall Ontario immediately.

  • Patients with head trauma and spinal injuries who may have also suffered other systemic injuries should be directed to a trauma centre via CritiCall Ontario.